Sunday, 9 April 2017

#164 Felon Wind - Ipse Faciet

I know this is a recent release, but it goes against the grain in many ways. Firstly, this was recently released rather secretly as a one-off side project of Wulkanaz. It doesn't seem to have been given an official release - I got my copy (this post is a direct rip of said tape) from the artist directly.

The reasons I chose to post this so soon are simply because it's actually hard to find, it featured in my image contest (and was subsequently revealed by some eagle-eyed readers), and it's damned good and already on numerous request lists.

I'll not divulge too much into the sounds and concepts found herewithin - discover it at your own remit. I don't expect too many of you to dislike this.


  1. Interesting and unique project from Kumulonimbus; as good as the others.

  2. this was a good one didnt get the tape; more raw black metal11