Friday, 7 April 2017

#163 Spellbound - Brave Hordes of War

The second of the nine from the zoomed in picture thread is now here - and NS warnings to those that wish for them. I doubt you were shocked by the preview picture, to be fair.

This is the second release from a rather obscure Brazilian Horde. I can't find the first, so if anyone can, I'll be rather grateful.

Edit : Despite owning this rip for over a year, it appears that just last week, someone posted both releases to YouTube. I feel I should add that this wasn't a rip from there. Bad timing, as always EC...

How does it sound? I think you'll like it. It's a bit ahead of it's time. The guitars are hypnotic, the vocals are very deep and gruff, and the drums, despite being the weakest part of the demo, are both relevant and somehow weak at the same time.

This being said, it's not a bad release at all.


  1. I'm enjoying listening to this band and thanks a lot for sharing it. The first demo is a lot better - excellent actually, while this EP is interesting but still mediocre (due to vocals). Cheers EC!

  2. I'm not specially into NSBM, but this Demo sounds competent and neat, if you tell that the first one it's even better i'm getting short of time to put my hands on it.

  3. Spellbound - The band who introduced NSBM in Brazil.

    Spellbound - Night Hymn demo-tape:

    Spellbound - Brave Hordes of War Cassete/ EP: