Tuesday, 28 March 2017

GAME : Pick the next release (Visual clues only)

I thought i'd try something different. I've already decided what the next 9 releases for the blog are going to be, and for some time I'd toyed with resurrecting the old "Vote!" system.

This time, I'll be doing the same - however I won't be listing any information. Because I am deeply bored and slightly insane, I've cropped out a very curious part of the album / demo cover for each prospective release.

This is the only clue you'll get to the identity of each of the next Nine uploads. I've made it so you can't easily figure them out by reverse image searching, either.

I've ensured that all corners of the Earth are representing, and there's a good mix of quality and obscurity, with the grand aim of at least 1-2 of the releases appealing to someone.

Next to each image is a number. Vote by commenting the number of the image that you like the look of / want to see posted the most.

Also, serious internet points to anyone able to identify any of the releases.



Revealed Sixth!



Revealed first!


Revealed Fifth!



8. (Excuse the terrible formatting on this, I'm getting tired of trying to fix it)

Revealed Fourth!



  1. > I've made it so you can't easily figure them out by reverse image searching, either.

    I found two. :)

  2. I was waiting for some smart ass to try and claim that, however I've tried them all myself and none come up with anything. (One comes up with a fake, but no bullseye, unfortunately!)

    1. 5 and 7. One is a french 3-way split from obvious LLN-wannabes, another from mexico.

      LLN wannabes are always welcome, so 5.

  3. Please pick one anyway so I can collate what to post next!

  4. 6. I vote for 6 because it's a six and sixes are evil, and I've a strange de-ja-vu feeling looking at it, and looks Japanese too. I want to know what it is.

  5. I vote for 6, but also 4 and 7. I feel like I've seen number 3 before but I'm pretty bamboozled.

  6. I would like to put my vote in 4,8 and 9 in no particular order (Which gets more votes, that's the most important)

  7. 3 and 1 but mostly 3

  8. I really want more people to hear Felon Wind so number 1 please. You can keep the kvlt points and give them to someone who cares about that shit. Great blog by the way, just discovered it today. Would LOVE to see the Noctran Demanto live tape here someday since it's not on to be found anywhere on the internet.

    1. God dammit, it's true... how it's possible that had passed unadvertised to me?

      Still, i won't gonna change my vote, as i expect to see every release posted with time.

  9. Hi. I'd like to change my vote from 6 to 3.