Monday, 24 October 2016

#134 Malesanctus - Emen Hetan Sargatanas

Bit rate : 192
Source : Unknown.

Generally, when a French black metal band has released a demo, full-length, and/or live recording, there's some semblance of familiarity to said project. Not so much with Malesanctus, who seem to have managed to escape the murky, yet rewarding depths of file-sharing.

This is the first demo from 1998, and will cater nicely to anyone with a penchant for raw, hypnotic black metal. I'll lump this somewhere between Deathspell Omega, Horna, Behexen and Kristallnacht.

I recall getting this on Soulseek some years ago, but the person who supplied it is long forgotten in the annals of time. Let's honor them with some pure black aggression.


  1. I have both albums. The only one i'm looking for is
    Live In Bullion 1999

  2. I actually have that. Drop me an email.

  3. Hmm, I'm liking this, names you drop are not off, reminds me in places of Bekhira too and something else that's kinda right on my tongue but refuses to drop off. Good stuff, if the live Eric mentions is a sought after commodity you might want to post that too!

    1. I'd forgotten about agreeing to post this. It'll go up sometime over the next day or two.